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When you face criminal penalties that can change your life, your attorney’s ability matters. Many lawyers are willing to accept plea deals even when their clients have defensible cases — cases that could get a better result in court. Some are looking to make a quick buck. Others simply don’t have the experience to know whether to take a case to trial.

We do. One of our founding attorneys, TJ McCarthy, has defended clients since 1992. During that time, he has tried more than 100 cases to completion, including cases in all levels of the court system. If someone comes to him with a problem, he knows what to do with it.

You can count on us to vigorously defend you from start to finish. That means preparing your defense as though we are going to trial and advising you about your options around every corner.

Your Defense. Your Decisions. Our Direction.

This is your life and we will respect your decisions, whether that means you take a plea deal the prosecutors offer or we take your case to trial. Yet, you will never make a decision blindly. With us, you will have all the facts, including whether a plea deal is reasonable and whether there are defenses available to you. If we think that your punishment will be more severe if you are found guilty after trial, we will let you know that. No matter what you choose, we will defend you well.

Our Criminal Defense Practice

Our successful cases have run the gamut, from defending a clerk who was charged with two counts of larceny for forcing an expired coupon through her register to defending against restraining orders that threaten to take a dad away from his kids. Our main defense areas include:

  • Drunk driving/OUI: We have extensive experience defending first-time offenders and repeat offenders against Massachusetts OUI charges.
  • Restraining order: As criminal defense and family law attorneys, we approach restraining order cases with all of the tools necessary to create a successful defense.
  • Violent crimes: Our violent crimes defense practice focuses largely on assault and battery, though we can handle any state crime case.
  • Drug offenses: From drug possession to drug distribution and trafficking, we’re prepared to take on state and federal prosecutors.
  • White collar crimes: We have defended many clients accused of larceny and other white collar crimes.
  • Sealing criminal records: We understand the complicated process involved in sealing criminal records and safeguarding our clients’ futures.

No matter what charges you face, you can count on our family of attorneys to find the defenses available to you and uncover any helpful evidence.

Talk To Us. It’s Confidential.

We’re not here to judge you. If you aren’t innocent, it’s okay. We understand that many people make mistakes, and we want to help. That is why it’s vital to tell us all of the facts — good and bad. We are required, by law, to keep everything you tell us confidential. By telling us the real story, we can build a stronger defense on your behalf and anticipate all of the challenges that could arise.

Let’s talk. Call us today for a free consultation: 617-567-0170. You can also send us an email. From our law offices in East Boston, we represent people throughout the Boston area and surrounding counties.

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