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No one ever said divorce is easy. You must think about your children, your finances, your property. Even the simplest, seemingly uncontested divorces can turn into a battle. At McCarthy Law Offices, we want to help you get through this in the most efficient and least costly manner possible.

What that looks like is different for each client. Some have children, some don’t. Some are on speaking terms with their spouses, some aren’t. Some have homes and businesses to divide, others don’t. Because we have decades of experience with these matters, we have likely seen a case like yours and can guide you down “the path of least resistance” so that you can get through this difficult time and move on.

We Understand Because We’ve Been There

Everyone knows that divorce is difficult, but only those that have experienced it know how challenging — and how emotional — it can be. Attorney Michael McCarthy is able to offer a high level of service to divorce clients because he has been there himself.

“I went through a difficult divorce involving two small children. I understand what you are going through. I also understand that your situation will be different from mine. That is why I will take the time to listen to you and get as much information as you are willing to share so that I can tailor my representation to you. I got through this. You will too. I can help you get there.” ~ Michael McCarthy.

Finding The Best Options For Your Unique Divorce

Every divorce is unique and requires a different approach. There are the clients that haven’t spoken to their spouses in years and just want to get through it quickly. In those cases, a joint petition makes the most financial sense. Contrast that with a couple who have children and don’t agree on child custody and support or a couple who disagree on property division or alimony/spousal support. Their divorces might require a longer process involving litigation, including a mediation program.

Whatever you face, our lawyers can help you find the best options for a less stressful and less expensive resolution. We will work hard to get you the best resolution possible, whether that means working out a settlement agreement or zealously litigating your case up through, and including, trial.

To speak with us in a free consultation, please send us a message or call 617-567-0170. Our law offices are in East Boston, but we are willing to travel to meet you. We have represented clients throughout Massachusetts, from Newburyport to Revere to south shore communities such as Mansfield and North Attleboro.

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